Holiday Hangover-A Benefit Show for The Homeless Period Project

TPP Events presents the Holiday Hangover at Zen on Dec. 28th. We've got an eclectic mix of local artists gathering to have a great time and help a great cause: The Homeless Period Project! (We've seen people in town do such great things for this cause and we wanted to help too!) The show includes performances by Darby Wilcox, Vilai Harrington, Mourning Dove, The Parlor Pinks, Shyland Flowers (who's new album drops that day), and Jackson Wise (of Apricot Blush). Hypnocat will close out the night with a DJ set! The suggested donation is $10. We'll be happy to accept any feminine products you'd like to donate and get them distributed to those in need. Shares greatly appreciated!
  • December 28, 2019
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