Grateful Bros Acoustic Trio w/Groove Matter

ABOUT THE GRATEFUL BROS Formed in early 2016 by Zach Thigpen and Brad Crowe, The Grateful Brothers combine the catalogs of The Allman Brothers and The Grateful Dead. Often intertwining songs through segues and transitions, they carry out the improvisational spirit of the two groups in their own space. They use the songs as more of a template rather than adhering to strict album-style covers, creating a unique, high energy, and genuine crowd experience at every performance. The six musicians making up the band have known each other and played in various outfits with one another for upwards of ten years. The camaraderie between them is obvious and the familiarity leads to the ease of musical exploration. The band consists of Zach Thigpen (guitar and vocals; Athens, GA), Brad Crowe (guitar and vocals; Greenville, SC), Adam McFarlane (keys and vocals; Greenville, SC), Jeff Holland (percussion; Greenville, SC), James Hall (drum kit and vocals; Anderson, SC), and Robbie Edwards (bass; Anderson, SC). ABOUT GROOVE MATTER An injection to the mind, Groove Matter is a serum devised of three parts harmony, one part funk, one part blues, and one part rock. A concoction, which when administered, creates an overall sense of elevated mood. Groove Matter may be prescribed by your physician to treat the following: Depression Anxiety Corncobbia of the Anus Side effects include but are not limited to: Loss of motor control of head/head bobbing Restless Leg Syndrome Loss of inhibition of women Frequent urination due to increased alcohol intake Precautions: MAY CAUSE TINNITUS Use ONLY as directed. Groove Matter guitarist, Cory Jobes, was born in Mt. Clemens, MI. His musical journey began at a young age discovering his grandparents record collection. By 5 years old he had a guitar in his hands and hasn't put it down since. In 2007 he moved to Spartanburg, South Carolina where he took his music even further. Throughout his teens and early 20s he played with the bands Red Herring, Close Enough and The 13th Floor. Cory also plays many solo acoustic shows in various places. Zach Gray, bassist for Groove Matter, was born and raised in Spartanburg SC. His musical pursuits began at the age of 9 years old when he began playing the upright bass in grade school. Since then, he’s played in various small project bands and jazz combos. He also performs as the principle double bassist for Furman University Symphony Orchestra, the Hendersonville Symphony, and performs in the Furman Jazz Big Band. Born in Greenville South Carolina, Leman King, drummer for Groove Matter, has been around the music scene in the upstate area for quite some time. He has played to various levels of success in local bands such as; Ten Grand Leg, Dethro Tull, Fall of an Empire, and most recently, the Dang Chang Experience. Though a double below the knee amputee, drumming has been a primary passion, an outlet, and physical therapy.
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  • June 3, 2019
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