Gasparilla Pirate Day & Live Music with Randomonium

Avast! Belay your plans for January 31st. The Ye Mystic Krewe of Fireforge invites you to partake in our very own Gasparilla celebration. Gasparilla holds a special place in our hearties' hearts. A few years back, when Brian and Nicole were just a bunch of scallywags, they lived, home-brewed, and experienced one of Tampa's oldest traditions of Pirate Invasion Day. We look forward to sharing a special part of Tampa culture with all ye lads and lassies on Friday, January 31st from. A Cask of Kindness of our newest batch of John Hopcock, with all sales going to the Coastal Conversation League will go on at 4 p.m. Then, later in the evening, there will be live music by Randomonium starting at 7pm! Pirate Garb is welcome and encouraged! Looking to learn more about Gasparilla? See the story below on the history of Jose Gaspar, and the havoc he brought to the coastal waters of West Florida. What is Gasparilla? Jose Gaspar, the man, the myth, and ye' olde legend, was a pirate who terrorized the the coastal waters of West Florida during the late 18th and early 19th century. Dubbing himself "Gasparilla," Gaspar and his band of pirates lived a life of seizing and robbing merchant ships off the Gulf Coast until 1821. Ready to retire from the pirate-lifestyle, Gaspar and his crew decided one last seize before hanging up their tricorns. Unbeknownst to Gaspar, the ship of choice happened to be a U.S. Navy warship in disguise. After a long, hard-fought battle the U.S. Navy ship reigned victorious. Gaspar-enthusiasts met to create the first Gasparilla krewe, "Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla," who would make Gasparilla history by surprising Tampa with a mock pirate attack on the city known as Pirate Invasion today. Plundering Tips: -Only scalawags show up in polo shirt for this. Rock a tricorn hat, wear Navy stripes and huge hoop earrings. Maybe, a peasant blouse? -Use terminology such as: ahoy, matey, walk the plank, jolly roger, and timbers! -Come ready to get a tad squiffy (tipsy) and enjoy live music from Randomonium starting at 7pm.
  • January 12, 2020
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