Fusion Fest

The Melting Pot Music Society invites you to join us for what will be an amazing showcase and celebration of creativity, inclusion, diversity, and the contributions of so many phenomenal women that have influenced and impacted the arts culture and community. Fusion Fest will be a ground-breaking, all-inclusive event, as everyone is welcome to experience, watch, listen, participate, share, and enjoy what is going to be a tremendous showing of the Upstate’s finest female creatives, musicians, and business owners. The festival will have on full display imaginative leadership at all levels, both vocally and visually, of the amazing women that live, work, and create in the community. Music is a universal language that brings people together, and Fusion Fest (Femme Takeover), will be the ultimate embodiment of such togetherness as we welcome everyone to witness this inaugural celebration of music, art, culture, health/wellness, food, and amazingly positive energy!
  • By cvbizz
  • April 21, 2019
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