Friday Night Feature – Live at Fireforge Crafted Beer

What!? Live music, you say? Yes, what you just read is 100% true. Friday Night Feature is back at it again and our first show since Covid is going to be at Fireforge in downtown Greenville. We've got many new songs to perform over a couple of hours. Bound to be a fun time! *We will be playing outside, just an fyi. *We also have new t-shirts and stickers to sell as well! :D "Born from a collaboration project, Friday Night Feature was founded in early 2018 out of a basement in Greenville, SC. Performing a wide mix of familiar covers and original material, their style expands to areas of pop, alternative, and rock, with music full of upbeat energy, catchy hooks, and gripping melodies. The trio consists of Zack Robinson on vocals and guitar, Gavin Beamish on bass and backup vocals and Robert Mullis on vocals and drums."
  • October 16, 2020
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