Forum Theatre for Marginalized Groups training

Oppression is all around us. What can we do about it? Protest? Scream and shout? We try to have nuanced conversations about privilege and disenfranchisement, but they end in anger and further separation. Revolutionary theatre artist Augusto Boal created a form of theatre to tackle these difficult issues. Created in 1960s Brazil, Forum Theatre engages participants from all walks of life, opens up dialogue, and empowers the audience to enter the action of the play in order to practice solutions. These life-altering theatre techniques are used in classrooms, prisons, homeless shelters and refugee camps all over the world. You can learn to use them too. Our training includes a performance of a Forum play about addiction with the homeless community at Triune Mercy Center. Friday, February 15: 1pm - 9pm Training in Forum Theatre Saturday, February 16: 9am - 6pm Observe Forum rehearsal and continue training Sunday, February 17: 11am attend church where Forum Theatre will be performed and have lunch with the homeless community. Rehearsal is a 4pm and performance is at 6pm. Register for our Forum Theatre workshop by going to "tickets" sbelow.
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  • November 1, 2018
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