Flytrap Frolic Livestream

Flytrap Frolic LIVESTREAM! Tune in to the NC Coastal Land Trust on Thursday April 30th at 11am on InstaLive or FBLive. Discover the wonders of real-live carnivorous plants, especially Venus flytraps, sundews, and pitcher plants. Hear the story of the the Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden in Wilmington, NC. You'll get to see them up close (on screen) and learn all about what they eat, how they trap their prey, why these unique plants adapted to consume insects, and why they thrive in the Southeastern North Carolina. We will have interactive trivia games with chances to win Coastal Land Trust and ScieNCe festival schwag, and we will provide links to downloadable info and activities (right here, check back later!) to accompany the Flytrap Frolic Livestream! Spread the word! #NCSciFest #flyrtrapfrolic #coastallandtrust #scienceforall #flytraps
  • April 30, 2020
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