Fight Club

"Category?" Facebook asks. - You could say "Comedy", you could say "Fitness". Or "Film" or "Religion"... I guess "Wellness" is as good as any. This is Fight Club. Yes, really. We will start off by having a bit of story-time and philosophy-talk with TimTv to set the mood (and give folks a chance to stretch/warm up). Then on to the fights! The rules are simple. Everyone gathers. Anyone who wants to fight chooses their own style of fighting and creates a set of rules. Everything from silly, harmless fights (like tickle-fighting, pillow fighting, Indian leg-wrestling, etc) to real Yes-You-Can-Be-Hurt fighting (boxing, wrestling, MMA, etc) is welcome. Once you choose the rules, you search the crowd to find someone who wants to fight in your style. If you find someone, Timv is the referee and you have yourselves a fight. If you can't find anyone, we'll announce it and find someone to match you. TimTv has run underground pit fighting at his old Dojo in Detroit and ran "Black Rock Fight Club" at Burning Man from '05 to '06. Rules WILL be enforced. We will have a medic on hand and some Hello Kitty bandaids. There will be sparring gear for those who would like to wear protection. (You may also bring your own.) When all the fights have concluded, we'll be having a special "dessert": Oil Wrestling. Yup. But rules are, you have to be in your underwear. Seriously. So plan ahead... After all fights conclude, we'll have a brief intermission for cleanup, and then we'll be playing the film "Snatch" on the big screen. This will be a night like nothing you've ever seen. Well, unless you hang out with Tim & MiiMii... 18+ with ID Everyone must sign a waiver to enter $10 per person No alcohol. (It's just not a good idea...) #FightClub2018
  • March 31, 2018
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