Empower Yourself, Empower Others

Join hands with SASS Go and SWITCH for a self defense class on August 29, 2020! This is self-defense training event is for women, high school and above. Through SASS Go's age-specific, developmentally appropriate training, SASS is meeting participants exactly where they are with the information and skills they need to safeguard their lives and the lives of those around them. SASS Go's instructors train participants to celebrate self-worth, advocate for their inherent dignity, and find their own voice while learning the physical skills necessary to protect it all. Whether you're a troop leader, sorority sister, concerned grandmother, or neighborhood safety enthusiast, after a session of group training with an expert instructor, your tribe will leave knowing the latest trends in crimes, best safety practices and skills to stand up for themselves if necessary. We look forward to training with you in our Upstate community! There are three different timeslots to reserve your ticket for a time that works best with your schedule!
  • August 29, 2020
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