Dylan at Connemara

“Dylan at Connemara” explores the 1964 meeting between Carl Sandburg and Bob Dylan. Through song, story, and wild speculation it answers what happened the day Bob Dylan arrived in Flat Rock, NC and knocked on Carl Sandburg’s door. The show features the songs of Bob Dylan from the years up to and following 1964 as well as selections from Carl Sandburg’s American Songbag and canon of poetry. The work of Dylan and Sandburg are woven into the story of their meeting in a show that provides perspective on how that event fits into the context of American cultural history. The program is presented by The Gathering Dark, a songwriting duo which includes, Josh Dunkin, who hails from Tennessee by way of Chicago, and Steven DuRose, who hails from Ohio by way of Los Angeles. It will be held at the amphitheater and is free and open to the public. This program is supported by the Friends of Carl Sandburg at Connemara.
  • By cvbizz
  • September 30, 2019
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