Diamonds and Whiskey

Soaring vocals, stellar musicianship, abundant energy & crowd resonance, Diamonds & Whiskey is a combination of barroom beauty, backwoods danger, beauty queen & hell raiser alike. The award‐winning country/ rock act from Charlotte, NC, brings it all to the table. Jennifer Lauren leads the way with strength & soul in her voice, delivering her songs in a way that embeds her lyrics into the hearts of the audience. Jennifer’s talents are complemented by a world‐class kickin band that delivers excitement & emotion to their audiences! She is a multitalented musician, vocalist & songwriter with a drive & passion for music like no other. Starting with piano at age 4 & discovering her vocal abilities at 8, she began her early days exploring traditional hymns & receiving classical training as a 1st soprano. Her prowess as a songwriter began in 2014, taking influences from a multitude of artists & genres, she has cultivated a sound and style that is unique & refreshing.
  • March 29, 2021
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