Collaborators & Cocktails with Global Brand Leader Fabio Tambosi

Last year we were SO fortunate to have Nike's Director of Brand Marketing & Digital Services for Global Football (i.e., soccer) Fabio Tambosi here – it was one of our most popular C&C’s ever. This month, we’re excited to welcome him back, because his journey has now taken him from Nike, to an interim stop at Clemson, before accepting a new opportunity later this year. Lucky us! In his 15 years as a global marketing leader, Fabio Tambosi has brought brands to life in multi-cultural environments around the world. From entrepreneurial ventures to leading some of the most loved brands in the world of sports and technology (Nike, Nokia, IBM), Fabio's personal and professional experiences have given him the opportunity to balance the creativity & data of brand marketing. On the 20th, Fabio’s going to cover “Brands Through the Lens of a Creative,” sharing his global/digital/experiential perspective on best-in-class creative work, what trends are popping, and what lessons translate from the big brands to smaller companies and even individuals living their own personal brand. If you missed him the first time, now’s your chance. If you saw him before, you know he’s a real treat. Free to members, but RSVP to Sally to claim your seat. Non-member tickets $30 as available, in advance only. NON-MEMBERS: EMAIL ENDEAVOR@ENDEAVORGREENVILLE TO REQUEST TICKETS.
  • February 20, 2018
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