Christmas At The Shed

🎄We have a date set for our first Christmas event at The Red Shed Market!🎄 Our store is made up of lots of different vendors. We primarily focus on handmade creations, boutique items, and craft classes. However, for this event, we want to bring our customers and community something different. We want to impress you with many choices for gifts, the best ever Christmas decor, and an overall feel that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside🤗. In addition to our vendors that we have booked currently with our store, we will be bringing in many more vendors to set up on our property for the day! Stay tuned for additional info for the big day! 🖤When shopping with us you're not shopping a mass produced store. You're actually supporting many different small businesses all at once! The chances of your gifts, decor, and clothing being the same as someone else's is VERY slim. Each vendor adds their own spin to everything they touch. We hope you LOVE that about us🖤 To qualify to become a vendor you must be able to send pictures to us via messenger or email. You must send a picture for any items you plan to create/sale. The pictures must be of your own work and not of someone else's. A picture of your previous booth would be a bonus. All vendors are required to join our vendor group for paid vendors. A link will be sent to you. The group will be our form of communication and it will be where we send a map of booth placement. Please understand if we are not able to accept you, it doesn't mean your items aren't amazing! It more than likely means we have already filled the category you would have fallen in. If interested, please comment on the post in the event for vendors. You may have to scroll down to find it. Please do not send a message as first contact. Sometimes our page doesn't give us alerts right away for messages. When we know to expect a vendor to submit photos, we'll be on the look out! We also want to stay organized and I have found it easier to have all inquiries in one place. If we are able to accept you as a vendor, we will need an email to send the forms to. You will need to read over them immediately and then let us know if you will be attending. Spaces are limited and we are prepared to fill spots immediately. Each booth space is 10×10 and will be held outside. You must bring your own tables, chairs, tents, and props. Fee per booth is $45. We will respond as quickly as possible but please be patient with us.🖤 Thank you for your interest!
  • November 26, 2020
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