Charcuterie and Cheese Board Cooking Class With Chef Adam Cooke

Learn to build a perfect cheese board and charcuterie board with one on one instruction by Chef Adam Cooke of Topsoil Kitchen and Market. Artfully created meat and cheese boards are a current culinary trend but did you know they really date back about 6000 years? The Romans, Greeks and Egyptians consumed plates of dried, cured meats. The French gave meat and cheese boards an artistic flair adding local ingredients that varied by region including dried fruits, nuts, pickles, olives and cheeses with handcrafted baguettes. Charcuterie boards display some of the most ancient cooking practices of curing, salting, smoking and preserving. Using less desirable cuts of meat and making a satisfying meal is a pretty sustainable practice. Chef Adam Cooke will teach you how to pair the flavors on the boards and choose the meats and cheeses as well as the accompanying ingredients. He will share recipies for sauces and dips as well as quick pickling techniques and bread choices. Chef will also discuss building alternative boards for plant based diets and other dietary restrictions. Sign up today and bring your friends and partners! Learn board building basics and take your charcuterie and entertaining skills to the next level. Look for more cooking classes from Topsoil Kitchen and Market in the new year and sign up for our weekly newletter to learn about upcoming classes and events at the restaurant and farm. We hope you dig it! Chef Adam Cooke of Topsoil Kitchen and Market in Travelers Rest, SC
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  • December 11, 2019
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