Challenge For Change Clean Up

Hello everybody!! All are welcome to join us for the Challenge For Change here in Greenville, SC. This is a clean up initiative challenge people all over the world are joining in on. Taking a before and after picture of the area before and after cleaning trash and litter. It looks so rewarding and helpful to the environment, we cant help but do our part. It’s a beautiful thing to have a group of people help out the earth and her inhabitants. Great character building activity and chance to connect with nature by cleaning the grounds we stand and live. So much love and light! This is early in the day to avoid high temperatures and still enjoy the rest of the day! Trash bags and gloves will be included. Face mask can be provided also if preferred as well. Hand sanitizer and soap also provided. This is completely non profit and voluntary, so i do ask if anyone can help with bottled water, simple snacks(granola bars, fruits, coffee etc). Let’s have a great morning of selflessness and service to the world💙
  • By cvbizz
  • August 16, 2019
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