Cat Yoga – Beginner Yoga Flow & Kitty Cuddle

Come join us for a sweet beginner yoga flow amongst four legged feline friends! This yoga class will be designed to ease you into a relaxing, strengthening, and limbering yoga practice. ALL levels and ALL bodies are welcome! Get ready for a fun, light-hearted practice surrounded by the resident cats at the Organic cat cafe (they may even join you for some poses!) Admission is $20, or you can pre-register (at least 24 hours in advance) over the phone, email or by stopping by at the cafe to receive a $5 discount! Please bring your mat and any props you may need and arrive at least 5 minutes early to set up - or 30 minutes early to meet the kitties 😸 Class will begin at 6:30 and end at 7:30. Meow and Namaste!
  • February 20, 2018
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