Camp #Runthistown – America’s 5K Social Distancing Edition!

We are excited to announce that Camp #Runthistown is not cancelled, we've just changed the name! -- During these unprecedented times, we are going to do something else that is unprecedented, and after 10 years, we are taking our training to a virtual platform -- Camp #Runthistown, America's 5K, Social Distancing Edition! Here's the plan: We will deliver your training plan via Training Peaks, an online coaching platform accessed via your computer or phone app. The plan will deliver a workout 3 days a week with your progressive run being on the first Day of each week. You will have the full support of your First Flight Coach within the comments section of Training Peaks and we will continue to meet as a group virtually via Zoom Meetings. It is our hope that the social distancing order will be lifted at sometime during the course of this training and we can shift back to in person meetings, but if not, we will grow stronger and healthier together virtually! Oh, and we hope you'll invite your friends! What: Learn to Run a 5K in 10 Weeks When: Take Flight April 26, 2020 Time: 7 PM - VIRTUALLY Where: ZOOM MEETING Goal Race: America's 5K - July 4th, 2020 (THIS MAY BE VIRTUAL) After we Take Flight, future Group Meetings will be on Sundays at 7pm.
  • April 26, 2020
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