BLPS presents Your Oral Diktion ft Cynnamon Brown & Edwina Fort

Welcome to another evening of Your Oral Ditkion, where an author's written word is orally heard. Tonight, I am please to have another double read for your pleasure. Headlining first is Author Cynammon Brown with her poetic novel "Poetically Speaking: Truth, Love, Lies and Disappointments." Brief synopsis... The poetic journey of three beautiful women, all living their lives in a poetic way. They each have a special love for the art of writing, through journaling, poetry or both. Cynn, Pauline, and Dena all live totally different lives;[ but their love, desire, and need for something more seems to pull them together in a poetic type of way. The twist and turns of their lives leads them together, making it a reality of what women today are faced with... poetically speaking through truth, love, lies, and disappointments. Headlining the second hour is award winning author Edwina Fort and her book "Hitta's Tea Maker." Brief synopsis... I screamed as I tried to run past him, but his big warm hand palmed my belly before he slammed me back against the wall. It wasn’t hard enough to hurt, but it was hard enough to get my attention, not to mention the fact that he was crowding my space in a very threatening way. He was so strong, his hand still flat against my stomach was holding me against the wall while his other arm rested on the wall just above my head. He leaned in close, trapping me with his big stout body.... Still dropping another dope track from Moody Black and his upcoming hip hop album Manifest. Grab his singles on Bandcamp now. Curl up with me, safely tuked away inside our homes during this pandemic, host Poetess April April J Armstrong LIVE on Call studio line 516.666.9808, Press #1 with your questions and comments...
  • March 23, 2020
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