Bhakti Yoga Workshop

Bhakti yoga is most commonly referred to as the yoga of devotion. Devotion to something higher than just ourselves. It could be towards a relationship, a family, a community, future generations or all beings. It has often been referred to as the yoga of love. Bhakti Flow combines Hatha Yoga - Stretching our bodies and our breath with Bhakti Yoga - stretching our hearts and emotions. In this workshop we will explore this relationship through discussion, breath inspired asana practice and singing universal mantras together. This workshop will invite you to move beyond the physical aspects of your practice to experience a deeper connection with your own life on an emotional level. We will use our breath as our guide in order to create a more meditative practice as we move towards letting go of anything in our lives that feels stagnate. As we open our hearts to allow the natural wonder of your life to express itself. This workshop will include a 75 minute breath centered yoga practice that gives you time and space to connect to each moment as it is.
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  • February 10, 2020
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