Becca Barnet and Kaleigh Hastings: Publication Party


February 28


06:00 pm - 07:00 pm

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Hub City Writers Project

186 W Main St

Spartanburg, SC, United States, 29306

Please join us on Thursday, February 28, at 6pm to celebrate the release of You Animal!, Becca Barnet and Kaleigh Hasting’s new picture book.

Using vivid imagery, fascinating facts (that will blow adults’ minds, too!), and a hit of humor, You Animal! teaches children that although they’re very different from the world’s weirdest creatures—from pistol shrimp to surinam toads to water bears—they also have a lot in common this them. Barnet and Hastings (of Sisal Creative in Charleston, South Carolina) ingeniously end each animal’s entry with a question that leads kids to see a piece of themselves in the creature, sparking both curiosity and compassion. “We hope that the connection readers feel with the animals will spark a deeper conversation about the future of the animal and animal conservation,” says Hastings. “If our youngest readers connect with animals and the natural world early in life, they’re more likely to become Earth-conscious adults.”

Becca Barnet’s work is driven by a fascination with natural history and preservation. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Illustration, she also attended the Missouri Taxidermy Institute where she fine-tuned her special knack and patience for taxidermy repair – from cleaning to complete mount renovations. She’s put her precision and passion for replicating textures and preserving animals into the creation of an array of museum displays and custom art installations. Becca’s originality and attention to detail, material selection, and exhibit longevity make Sisal Creative’s displays unparalleled.

Kaleigh Hastings is a landscape architect, artist, and fabricator. She graduated with honors from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and now uses her architectural training to design and create bespoke installations and spaces with Sisal Creative. Kaleigh has a healthy appreciation for the natural world and an insatiable interest in learning new skills. She believes that the intersection of natural history, cultural identity, and a tiny bit of mischief is where the best stuff happens.

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