Bauernhaus Hyper-local Beer Tasting at Vino Garage

Hey Cola! We are coming your away again, this time at The Vino Garage for an intimate tasting and swag grab! We'll be sampling 4 stellar bottle offerings and have a selection of brewery swag for you to choose from with the purchase of a bottle. Chief Flora Farmer and Co-founder of Carolina Bauernhaus Ales & SouthYeast Labs will be on-site to fill your heads with beery knowledge. For Tasting* Whiskey Sour (Tangelo variant)- 4.5% Golden wild ale fermented in regional whiskey barrels with native yeast, souring bacteria and fresh lemons and limes. This special variant boasts some extra citrus with the addition of Florida-grown tangelos! Dat Watermelon Weisse- 4.5% SC Juicy session sour with regional malts, hyper local wheat and pureed heirloom Bradford Watermelon Company watermelons. This super special batch was bottle conditioned with pureed watermelon and raw can sugar to create the juiciest watermelon beer you've ever put in dat face! Grtiz 'N Juice- 4.5% Laaaaaaaaid back sour session IPA with grapefruits and tangerines. Our 3rd Collaboration with Frothy Beard Brewing Company uses hyper local grits in the mash, was aged on fresh Florida citrus, and then got a healthy dry-hopping of Mandarina Bavaria hops just before packaging. Nacht Sauerkirsche- 10.5% Barrel aged sour stout with Montmorency and Mount Rainier Cherries. Our most complex beer to date, this rare gem checks all the boxes: Barrel aged, boozy, high gravity, imperial stout and soured with cherries!!!! Stoked to see you all here! 5-7pm at Vino Garage in Columbia, SC! Check out all the reviews for these brews via Untappd and get your tastebuds ready!
  • March 31, 2018
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