Alice Paul, Iron-Jawed Angel – A Discussion

Join an audience that loves talking back to history to discuss Women’s Suffrage and Alice Paul, the Iron-Jawed Angel – with Dr. Melissa Walker. How did a nice young Quaker woman with BA from Swarthmore and an MA & PhD from U Penn, end up being force-fed in a city jail and confined to a prison psychiatric ward? As the psychiatrist who examined her said: “Courage in women is often mistaken for Insanity.” Alice Paul and her “Silent Sentinels” were beaten, jailed and force-fed on their crusade to obtain the right to vote for American women. Their charge for arrest: blocking traffic. In 1923 she proposed an Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution. She fought for it until her death in 1977. A revised version was passed by Congress in 1974, but has yet to be ratified. – Let’s talk about it. This event is NOT a costumed performance. (Leslie Goddard will perform as Alice Paul in the History Alive Festival June 15 -24.) The outcry for Women’s Suffrage was International as the 20th century began. The colonies of New Zealand and Australia were the first to jump aboard and by 1920 Britain and the US had joined. It was in England that Alice Paul joined the women’s suffrage efforts and learned militant protest tactics, including picketing and hunger strikes. #GreenvilleChatauqua #Chautauqua #Courage #HistoryAlive #YeahThatGreenville #AlicePaul
  • March 20, 2018
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