A Beginners Healing with Hula Workshop


January 26


10:30 am - 01:30 pm

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Upstate International

9 S Memminger St

Greenville, SC, United States, 29601

Bring Hawai’i to Your Hips & Aloha to Your Lips
through Hula, the Hawaiian Language of the Heart

Experience Calmness, Well Being and Joy by connecting to your Inner Essence, your Self-Expression and your Creativity through the gift of Hula, from the Hawaiian people.

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to learn this ancient form of Storytelling and Sacred Dance that is unique to the Hawaiian people. They have only begun to share it with those of us outside of Hawai’i, to help us to honor and respect who they are as the indigenous, original people of Hawai’i. It is also giving us support to find our way back to harmony from the stresses and craziness in the world around us through this loving, gentle and kind way of living that is the Hawaiian Aloha Spirit, the Way of the Heart.

And it is also a way to help women to be more of their authentic self – through healing their relationships with their body and body image, in bringing balance and harmony to their heart, mind and spirit. It is also healthy exercise for the mind and body, improves confidence and self-esteem and creates a spiritual partnership with other women in sharing hula together.

This workshop teaches the basic hula steps, storytelling through the movement of the arms and hands, the Hawaiian words and terminology of Hula and the basic of the Hawaiian culture through learning a simple hula. In this workshop, Ka Wai Lehua will be shared – about living with the cycles of life.

Kaleo Wheeler, Hula Instructor

Fee: $45

No dance experience is necessary.
The space is limited, so please register early.

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