2021 South Carolina Bigfoot Festival

True Believer? Skeptic? Undecided? ​ Whether you think the concept of an undiscovered primate roaming the mountainside is far-fetched or you and Sasquatch are on a first-name basis (or anywhere in between), we have the place to be this fall. A first year event, this is a street festival style event with live music, expert speakers, Bigfoot tales, food and craft vendors, Bigfoot themed contests, children's activities, and more. See below for a few housekeeping details: ​ We hear pets may scare off Sasquatch, please leave them at home! This includes dogs, cats, iguanas, snakes, tigers, and any other animals. Service animals welcome. Unattended children will be given to Bigfoot as a souvenir! Please participate, shop, run, ride, and dance at your own risk. See full legal disclaimer on our website No alcohol except in . No glass containers. No smoking. Handicapped Parking will be available. More details will be posted on the website over the following weeks.
  • March 29, 2021
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