2018 Nightmare Dungeon Haunted Attraction !


October 17 - 07:00 pm


October 18 - 12:00 am

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Nightmare Dungeon Haunted Attraction

645 Old Anderson Rd

Greenville, SC, United States, 29611

SHARE THIS EVENT !!! ITS THAT TIME AGAIN, Want to tour a REAL Haunted House? The Abandoned Cabin In The Woods has gotten even creepier. This year the old Cabin is 114 years old and each year it gets scarier and scarier inside the gruesome history filled walls, It’s really haunted in some kind of way, what you are about to hear isn’t a ghost story… It’s a true story, GREENVILLE S.C.- In 1904 the Old Abandoned Cabin was built. The house was lived in by one family The “Anderson’s” only until…. Well, you’ll find out. Something in this 114 year old cabin is twisted, very twisted, its alive, its hiding, and it’s what took the Anderson’s Family… And now it’s waiting inside for you. Ever since the new owners bought this place they knew there was something about it that just wasn’t right, something bad, something twisted, something very strange. And now it’s up to you to tour the old Abandoned Cabin and see what goes on behind those walls and guess what? You have to go through with just you and your friends…or even by yourself with no tour guide ! If you’ve been through this place before you haven’t seen anything yet, here is the real truth about this Haunted Attraction, you have other haunts all around but none compares to this Haunt, This Haunt is real, a real 2 story house with another attached building with REAL documented Haunted History, but now it’s even scarier now that real actors are placed throughout the 2 Story Cabin, here you won’t get the goofy animatronics and obviously fake props lunging at you, this Haunt takes you to a totally different layer literally, our actors get in your face and really push you to your limits so if you are one who gets scared easy then STAY HOME because this place is definitely not for you !!! Expect over 40 actors to be racing toward you throughout this old cabin and sneaking up on you every chance they see and expect those hairs to raise on your neck on the whole tour of this place. Some points throughout your tour will be total darkness and in those spots is most likely where you will encounter the unexplained twisted creature that took the whole Anderson family back in 1946. Just remember…. this isn’t a lame ghost story, it’s a true story. Be sure to read more about this old cabin on other parts of the website. This Attraction has been rated #1 Scariest Haunt in South Carolina multiple times and this year will definitely be the same!

Located at 645 Old Anderson Rd Greenville S.C. right off Exit 40 on I-85
Unlimited Tickets are sold at the door $30 per Adult & $20 for 12 and under.
Gates open at Dark and tickets keep selling until the crowd “Dies”!!!
Visit: www.nightmaredungeon.com for more details !

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