Unbreakable 24hr Challenge with Thom Shea: Leadership Seminar


October 13 - 09:00 am


October 14 - 09:00 am

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Adamantine Alliance

Website: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/adamantine-alliance-13134064355

Pleasant Ridge State Park

4232 Hwy 11, Marietta, SC 29661

Marietta, SC, US, 29661

The Unbreakable 24 Hour Challenge, like all of the teachings developed by retired Navy SEAL, Thom Shea, is an experiential based learning seminar. With a concentration on both mental and physical aspects of performance, it involves walking for 24 hours while being led through a series of lessons delivered by Thom and his team of other of Navy SEAL leaders. The challenge is training seminar to master your own Internal Dialogue and learn to lead in chaos.

WHAT is involved? The challenge is to walk for 24 hours in order to overcome your self-imposed limits. The challenge is designed to create an environment for you to honor you word and to face the mental obstacles that get in the way of everyone’s performance. The experience is the very definition of “Simple But Not Easy.” You will have the opportunity to have your mind, instead of your body, control your actions during times of discomfort to push past your self-imposed boundaries. Thom and his leadership team will guide you through mastering the Internal Dialogue needed for success. The curriculum is learned as you experience each stage of the challenge. The challenge is broken into four stages, representative of the four key stages of success. You will learn to master your own Internal Dialogue and to lead in a measurable way.  Upon completion, participants note a meaningful shift in what is possible in all areas of their lives.

WHERE? Located at Pleasant Ridge State Park in Marietta, SC, 45 minutes north of Greenville. The course is a series of two to three hour loops on various trails. The trails are not technical and do not present significant elevation challenges. You will stage all of your food and drink in your vehicle. There are restroom facilities near the parking area.

WHAT is provided? As in all endeavors, preparation is key. We provide our four week training program included with your registration. We provide a comprehensive gear and nutrition list to ensure the highest likelihood of success. You will also receive access to an online curriculum with guided questions to ensure you retain the lessons gained from the challenge. Attending the event you will receive a 24hr Challenge performance tee, and an UNBREAKABLE Challenge Coin upon completion. The event is self supported, you must provide your own gear, food, and water.

WHO participates? People ages 18 through 82 who are willing to learn what it takes to push through self imposed limits to lead the Unbreakable way. Discount available to subscribers of Unbreakable Lessons, inquire via email.

Questions? Email lessons@adamantinealliance.com

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