Forum Theatre Workshop


February 15 - 01:00 pm


February 17 - 07:00 pm

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Applied Theatre Center


Triune Mercy Center

222 Rutherford Street, Greenville, SC 29609

Greenville, SC, US, 29609

Theater of the Oppressed is a tool for social change. Originally created in South America with peasant and worker populations to “rehearse for the revolution”, it is now used all over the world to develop tools for exploring collective struggles and resolving conflict. In this three-day workshop, participants will be introduced to the purpose and methods of T.O., with a focus on the forms of Image Theatre and Forum Theatre. We will begin Friday at 1 pm and see a performance of our forum play “Too Much Candy” (which deals with diabetes education) at 4 pm. Saturday will be spent learning and practicing Forum Theatre. The workshop will conclude with witnessing a performance of a new forum theatre play, “Breaking Crystal” about drug addiction. We will offer that for recovery groups on Sunday evening at 6 pm. The workshop will conclude after that performance, around 7 pm.

Led by Carli Gaughf, MA (Applied Theatre). See website for more information.

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