Doughnut Chains Ranked From Worst To Best

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  • March 4, 2021
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A great doughnut is worth its weight in gold. A bad one tastes like regret and sadness. To help steer you toward the best doughnuts out there, we did the legwork and here are popular chains, ranked in order from worst to best.

Back in early 2019, Dunkin’ Donuts officially changed its name to just Dunkin’. While they still sell doughnuts, it’s obviously no longer their focus. If you want to see for yourself, take a bite of one of their boring doughnuts and you’ll see why they decided to drop the “Donuts” from their name. Compared to other doughnut chains around the country, Dunkin’ simply can’t compete. Their offerings are yawn-inducing.

Not everything about the restaurant’s offerings is underwhelming. Dunkin’ boasts some really delicious drinks, and their affordable muffins are so yummy you should try them while you’re still in the land of the living.

Doughnuts not being high on the priority list for Dunkin’ isn’t new. As it turns out, CSP Daily News says that doughnuts only account for about eight percent of their sales. As time goes on, expect that number to drop even further because there’s really no good reason to order their doughnuts. They are utterly forgettable.

Keep watching to see Doughnut Chains Ranked From Worst To Best.

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Dunkin’ | 0:00
Tim Hortons | 1:17
Yum Yum Donuts | 2:13
Legendary Doughnuts | 3:06
Honey Dew Donuts | 3:45
Daylight Donuts |4:34
The Dapper Doughnut | 5:21
LaMar’s Donuts & Coffee | 6:11
Winchell’s Donut House | 7:01
Five Daughters Bakery | 7:54
Voodoo Doughnut | 8:37
Duck Donuts | 9:16
Shipley Do-Nuts | 10:08
Top Pot Doughnuts | 10:47
Krispy Kreme | 11:35

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