Don’t Eat Another Boneless Wing Until You Watch This

  • By cvbizz
  • November 18, 2020
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Little white meat lies. That’s what you’re eating every time you order boneless wings. The boneless wing isn’t a miracle of chicken science, but a clever marketing gimmick to keep up with Americans’ love of wings. Here’s everything you should know about boneless wings before eating yet another one!

Boneless chicken wings aren’t really wings. Perhaps Silicon Valley comedian Jimmy O. Yang summed it up best when he told Bon Appétit:

“Boneless wings are no wings at all-they are little white meat lies.”

The name implies someone is meticulously removing the bones from each wing, but no, that’s really not the case. First of all, so-called boneless chicken wings are made with breast meat. To make them look more like a traditional wing, the breasts are cut down into wing-sized pieces before being breaded. Obviously if you cut into a chicken wing, you’d find layers of meat, fat, cartilage, and bone. But the inside of a boneless chicken wing simply yields a thick layer of white meat – just like a chicken nugget… because that’s exactly what it is, at the end of the day. Controversial, no?

Watch this video to find out why you shouldn’t eat another boneless wing until you’ve see this!

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Boneless wings = chicken nuggets | 0:00
About that breading… | 1:07
So what’s in ’em | 2:00
Cheap! Cheap! Cheap! | 3:54
A bit dry, right? | 5:02

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