//DeVonta Smith's a big deal, even if he's not big

DeVonta Smith's a big deal, even if he's not big

“It’s great just knowing that the guy across from you is just as good as you,” Smith said. “It brings a lot more fun to the game just knowing y’all are both out there and seeing things that he’s going to do that’s going to be mind-blowing. It just makes you want to go out there and do those same things. It’s exciting…

“I think being around here, not just me but everybody, when you come to a place like this, the people that’s ahead of you, you just look up to them and soak in everything that they’re doing. Just watching the older guys when I first got here and what they did. Just soak in the things they would teach me and I’d get better every day. So it was good coming here having those guys ahead of me and being able to learn from