Creating a Productive Learning Space at Home

  • By KaylaK
  • February 8, 2021
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Creating a Productive Learning Space at Home
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For many parents, the balancing act of working from home and managing their children’s e-learning has been a struggle. Kids can have a difficult time focusing on school matters in their own home. If your child’s school district is still in limbo between e-learning and in-person classes, consider creating a productive learning space at home. An ergonomic area dedicated to your children’s schoolwork can be beneficial to you, too. Read on to explore the best ways to enhance their e-learning experience.

Eliminate Distractions

Learning at home can be challenging for students due to the number of distractions present. Encourage your child to leave their phone, tablet, or any other device not used for schoolwork outside of their learning space.

If you have more than one child learning at home, try to separate their spaces so they don’t distract one another. You should also keep loud or lively pets from disrupting your child’s work. For folks who live in noisy areas, try setting a calm, focused atmosphere with ambient instrumental music.

Choose the Location Based on Their Learning Preferences

Everyone has a preferred working environment. Communicate with your child and ask which factors are distracting them. Together, select a room that provides the optimal learning conditions for them. While some children may prefer total silence, others may be comfortable with minor background noise.

Equip Their Space with the Proper E-Learning Supplies

To reach their e-learning potential, set your child up with the necessary e-learning supplies. Basic school materials, such as pencils and notebooks, still apply. Your child’s school will likely inform students and parents, if they haven’t already, on whether they have learning resources for distribution.

Strike a Comfort Balance

When creating a productive learning space at home, you want to ensure the space is comfortable for your child. However, be wary of making a space that’s so comfortable your child dozes off during class. For example, your child should avoid doing online courses from their bed – it could trip up their ability to fall asleep at night or stay awake during class.

An uncomfortable chair or awkward table height can also interfere with your child’s learning processes. Prop their classwork setup in an ideal position to optimize their attentiveness.

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