Community Tap Trailside & Automatic Taco to Host Virtual Date Night

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  • March 19, 2020
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Virtual Wine Tasting
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This has been a tough week. Luckily Community Tap and Automatic Taco have come up with an incredibly creative idea for a virtual dinner and wine tasting this Friday night. Register now so they can plan their numbers.

Here Are the Details

We’re thrilled to try our first ever (could this become a *thing*?) virtual wine dinner. Date night to-go, complete with delicious dinner and wine pairings with one of your favorite #tapstaff!

Without giving *too* much away (we’ll save that for Chad) here’s the menu: Green Curry Shrimp Taco paired with Fattori “Runcaris” Soave (White – Italy) + Pork Schnitzel Taco paired with Bodegas y Viñedos Artuke Rioja (Red – Spain).

But what does that mean: The Tasting reservation includes TWO tacos per person (4 total) + TWO bottles of wine to share. All for $50. Yes, that’s $50 total for dinner and booze with your very own virtual wine-geek. (FYI: That’s retail cost, we ain’t chargin’ ya for our super high-tech-live wine tasting with an expert. Because we think it will be fun too and just want to do it!)

Now here’s what to do:

1) Register on Eventbrite – This is just a reservation so we can prep appropriately. (You will not be charged at this time – this is simply holding your spot!) You can definitely drop by for pick-up without reservation, but reservations will receive priority.

2) Add on, baby – Feel free to call the Tap ahead to add to your booze package. 864.236.1375 for the evening, weekend, noon-happy-hour-because-#homeschooling. We got ya. Make sure you tell us you’re part of the *virtual date night* so we can have add-ons ready!

3) Virtual Date Night pick-up is around 6:30 pm on Friday – but please call 10-minutes before (864-203-5704) you plan to arrive to The Commons. When calling please tell us any dietary restrictions and add-on to your order (we highly recommend the crispy brussel sprouts , or the papas frites, and you probably want guacamole? … ok, we recommend everything. See full menu on AT’s website!)

4) Pick-up curbside at The Commons on Friday – Call (864) 203-5704 when you arrive for curbside pick-up. You’ll pay onsite (at your car even) for your package + add-ons.

You can also pop-in to shop at The Community Tap Trailside (retail only right now) while you wait on your date night package!

5) Tune-in Friday at 7:00pm to The Community Tap’s Facebook LIVE – for a live wine tasting with our (self-proclaimed) Trailer-Park Sommelier, Chad Musick. Chad will taste through the wines (and most probably some tacos) with you AND his special surprise guest. (Hehe) We hope this can be interactive, so feel free to ask questions and comment away during the tasting. If you cannot make the tasting right at 7pm, never-fear, we plan to record the tasting as well – for generations to come, of course.

That’s it! We hope you’ll take advantage of this virtual date night with a loved one(s). Disclaimer: small group, close family, etc. (We do advise social distancing.) Or by yourself – #nojudgement


The Community Tap Trailside and Automatic Taco are located at 147 Welborn St. off the Swamp Rabbit Trail within the Commons. We opened the week before Thanksgiving 2019. This is the FIRST virtual dinner and tasting either of us have ever hosted. We hope it works – we hope we can continue to connect with our community, even if we can’t hug and high-five. 🙂 Thank you so much for supporting us. Thank you for understanding that we’re doing our best, just like you. #killcovid19notsmallbizgvl

If you like this please let us know! If you have questions please let us know! If you need a virtual hug please let us know! @trailsidetap @thecommunitytap @theautomatictaco 864.236.1375 (Tap) 864.203.5704 ( Automatic Taco)

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