Coca-Cola Products That Were Epic Fails

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  • October 26, 2020
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The Coca-Cola brand is arguably one of the most popular in the world. But not everything that Coke touches turns to gold, as the company has had some massive failures over the years. Keep watching to discover the Coca-Cola products that went completely flat.

New Coke is pretty much the Mt. Rushmore of product failures, and it’s actually the reason why Coca-Cola has something called the “Celebrate Failure Award.” In 1985, in an effort to boost sales and refresh its classic soft drink, Coke retired its tried-and-true recipe and introduced a new formulation that they dubbed “New Coke.” But what the brand hoped would be lauded with cheers from fans was instead met with a public outcry in the form of protests and petitions. Less than three months after New Coke was launched, it was pulled from shelves and replaced with the classic formula.

Luckily for Coca-Cola, when New Coke was ditched for the original version, fans rejoiced and flocked to stores to quench their classic soda fix. Sales ultimately received a boost and Coca-Cola returned to being the number one soda brand, ousting PepsiCo, which had taken the top spot temporarily.

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New Coke | 0:00
Dasani in the UK | 1:15
Tab Clear | 2:20
Sprite Remix | 3:49
Coco-Cola Blak | 4:41
Vault | 5:48
OK Soda | 6:41
Coca-Cola C2 | 7:51
Coca-Cola Life | 8:58
Diet Coke Plus Green Tea | 10:09
Flavored Cokes | 11:11

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