Citing Continual lawsuits, threats of lawsuits, intimidation and more, three Greenville GOP leaders Resign

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  • July 12, 2021
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Less than three months into their posts, three South Carolina GOP leaders have resigned. Their ouster is the latest major development in what has become a heated battle for the heart and soul of the South Carolina Republican party. The resignations are viewed as major coup for the so-called “MAGA” wing of the party who view the more centrist Republicans in the state as being part of the GOP “establishment.”

South Carolina GOP Chairman Drew McKissick has criticized the actions of MySCGOP.

“They have essentially preyed on Trump supporters, telling them the county and state party organizations didn’t support President Trump, which is a total lie,” he said in an interview with The Post and Courier.

“These are people who want to turn the local party organization into their own personal hobbyhorse, and that is not our mission.”

Local executive committee members will elect new leaders to serve out the remainder of Black, Shea and Page’s terms

Read the Statement Regarding their Decision to Resign

Stacy, Randy and I are committed to affecting public policy in Greenville County, South Carolina and our great nation on issues that fellow conservatives care deeply about—whether that be lower taxes, religious and personal liberties, or free markets and limited government.We firmly believe an engaged and informed citizenry is what is needed in our county and our state. Our desire as the leadership of the Greenville County Republican Party was to provide practical education on the issues that affect us while giving Republicans the tools they needed to practically engage their elected officials and see real change occur.

Over the last three months, we have met a lot of good people—people who are new to the process are eager to learn. We appreciate their energy and desire to learn and advance conservative ideals.While we have longed for the opportunity to jointly develop strategies, connect, and do the real work, we have been constantly railroaded the entire time, directly caused by leadership from MYSCGOP and the Greenville Tea Party.

It has been made exponentially clear to us by leadership within these entities that their focus will solely be on continued in-fighting, discord, and placing continual barriers to any attempts at effective work on our behalf, rather than coming together jointly to be effective in the political landscape against our real opponents. Continual lawsuits, threats of lawsuits, intimidation, threats, bullying, disenfranchisement, and character assassination, as promised by the leadership of and the Greenville Tea Party do not advance anything positive, much less promote any level of political discourse or change.

The tone of the leadership of these entities is clearly destructive to the tenets of the Republican Party, and we will not be a part of it.While we have patiently sought resolution, addressed the constant baseless accusations, and always demonstrated transparency and a willingness to move forward, it has been met with barricades at every turn.As such, our energy is best used elsewhere to positively engage legislative issues that affect us, our families, and the citizens of our great state.We deeply appreciate our supporters and those elected officials who stand on the line and fight for us every day.We remain in the fight for conservative ideals; however, we resign effective immediately from our county-wide posts.

Jennifer Black, Chairman
Stacy Shea, First Vice Chairman
Randy Page, State Executive Committeeman

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