Voting Now Open For The Upstate Music Awards

  • By cvbizz
  • December 31, 2019
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Upstate Music Awards

When Future Chord’s Jeremy Theall mentioned the idea of an Upstate music awards to The Radio Room’s Wes Gilliam, Wes thought it was a great idea if he only had time around raising a child by day and promoting and hosting shows at least four nights a week. So much time passed before he reconsidered the idea that he actually had to publicly ask on social media “hey, who was it I was talking to this about?” Fortunately, Jeremy was a good sport about it and a serious conversation about such an event actually took place.

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Fast forward to today and The Upstate Music Awards are actually a thing. Jeremy and Wes were joined by local music writer Vincent Harris as the three music lovers behind the inaugural event. Wes tells me that each of their respective roles in the local music scene combines for a great team, each bringing their own strengths and experience to the table. They are joined by a seven person panel to assist in judging the winners of each award.

So, here is how it works – From now until December 27, Upstate music lovers can go to and submit their nominations for up to 13 different categories, from Best Album to Artist of the Year or even Best Producer or Best Music Photographer. Those nominations will be considered by the panel and official voting for each category begins January 1 and will run through January 23. The official awards ceremony will take place Sunday, March 1 as a ticketed event at Zen in Downtown Greenville.

For being the first real attempt to bring this type of event to the Upstate, the Upstate Music Awards is meticulously planned out. Wes tells me they aimed to avoid the pitfalls of similar events in other areas, such as creating too many categories or aligning too closely with any one venue that might cause conflicts of interest. Instead, we are given a very concise list of categories within a strict set of parameters which will capture the true essence of all the best parts of the Upstate music scene.

I tell you all of this now, in between our regularly scheduled mid-week music column to encourage you to get thyself over to the Upstate Music Awards website and place your nominations before December 27. If you love the local music scene then I am certain that you can think of more than a few artists and music personalities that are worthy of the Upstate’s praise. Registration and submissions are super simple, giving us no excuses not to throw our support behind our favorite local talents.

I, for one, am supper excited to see who rises to the top in each category as I am personally debating who I would pick for several of the categories. In a way, January 1 cannot come soon enough as I am looking forward to the official voting to commence. In the meantime, however, I am just having fun nominating a ton of great folks who, in my humble opinion, are the brightest spots in the Upstate music scene. Thanks to Jeremy, Wes, and Vincent for giving us all the opportunity to do just that.

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