Brett Barest on Upstate Music: Another Weekend of Shows Too Good To Miss

  • By cvbizz
  • June 5, 2019
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At a glance, I am counting just over 110 shows on the iOnGreenville music calendar between tonight and Sunday. I see local, regional, and national touring artists of all genres at all types of venues meaning that if you want to get out and see live music, there are more than enough shows to choose from. For my tastes, there are two that most piqued my interest and they could not be more different in every way. 

First, I had to do a double take when I saw that Nappy Roots was playing at The Firmament this Thursday evening. The late 1990’s/early 2000’s version of myself listened to a lot of hip hop but I admit that I have not thought of or listened to Nappy Roots in what feels like a million years. I had to do a quick Google search to make sure that I was thinking of the right group and then to take a refresher course on their body of work. 

Videos for the Nappy Roots’ 2002 hit singles “Po’Folks” and “Awnaw” instantly reminded me that I really liked this group way back when and I enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Delving deeper into their catalog, I was instantly singing along with 2008’s “Good Day”, a track that I do not remember owning but somehow subconsciously knew every word. Good music sticks with you like that whether you realize it or not.

Nostalgia aside, the Nappy Roots are still a quality act on the hip hop scene and are more than worth your time. Their beats are instantly captivating and their lyrics are far more positive and uplifting than most of what you find in modern rap music. I firmly believe that if everyone had that track “Good Day” set as their morning alarm clock, the world would be a happier place. 

It brings me much pleasure to learn that the Nappy Roots are still thriving after all these years, releasing new music as recently as last year and even opening their own craft brewery Atlantucky Brewing Company paying tribute to their Southern roots. Their visit to The Firmament makes for a great excuse to get out on a Thursday night, for old fans and new alike. 

On the exact opposite end of the weekend and musical spectrum, Letters to Abigail will be playing at the San Souci Community Garden on Sunday afternoon. I was remiss in not including this amazing summer concert series in last week’s roundup of Upstate concert series but this is the perfect time to make good on that as Letters to Abigail is not to be missed. The duo of Kelli Redmond and James Harrell makes beautiful Americana music together and it is hard to find two voices that complement each other so perfectly. 

The San Souci Community Garden concert series welcomes local and regional artists to the garden on Sunday evenings for a truly beautiful listening experience. Guests bring picnic blankets or chairs, food and drink of their choosing, and relax in the comforts of the community garden while enjoying some remarkably talented singer songwriters. Letters to Abigail is going to be right at home in this setting for a wonderful way to wrap up your weekend. Mourning Dove’s Lisa Stubbs kicks things off with a solo set to get the festivities underway. 

Whether it is Nappy Roots at The Firmament on Thursday, Letters to Abigail in the garden on Sunday, or any number of countless styles and sounds in between, there are a ton of opportunities to get out and enjoy live music this weekend. As always, keep up with all of it on iOnGreenville’s live music calendar and get out and enjoy a show.  

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