Brett Barest on Upstate Live Music: The Week Ahead

  • By cvbizz
  • November 7, 2019
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gret dying at HOrizon Records
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First and foremost, there are two great shows that I am really looking forward to this week with Paul Cauthen at The Radio Room on Tuesday and The Great Dying at Horizon Records on Thursday. Paul Cauthen’s smooth swagger approach to outlaw country should sell out the Tuesday show and I cannot scream enough praises of Will Griffith as The Great Dying to anyone who will listen. I will be talking to Will for an official interview and will be submitting a full feature on the show in this space next week. Stay tuned for that and mark your calendars for Thursday at Horizon right now.

Another thing that I have been writing this week is the opening monologue for the inaugural Upstate Music Awards next Sunday, March 1. I am extremely humbled and honored to have been asked to perform the duties of host at the event and the ceremony cannot get here soon enough. Well, that is not exactly true…. I would actually like to have my speech finished before any magical fast forwarding could ever happen so, there is that.

Speaking of the Upstate Music Awards, one local artist that is both nominated and performing at the event was kind enough to share his band’s new single with me. Brother Oliver’s Andrew Oliver sent me a link to the band’s track “While I’m Driving” which releases this Friday. The song was originally recorded in 2013 when the brothers were in their first band Kindred Spirit, but they have now reinvented it as Brother Oliver as their sound and talents have evolved over the years. It is yet another great track from a band that continues to impress me and I am excited for its official release to the masses.

Right now, though, I have a speech to finish and an interview to prepare for. Check out the iOnGreenville Concert Calendar today and see what shows are calling your name in the weeks ahead.

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