Brett Barest on The Upstate Music Scene: Thursday & Sunday Bookend A Great Weekend of Music

  • By cvbizz
  • July 10, 2019
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In last week’s column I both celebrated and lamented the fact that there were four completely unique shows all happening on the same day. The quality of music was high but I generally lack the ability to be two places at once, much less four. Decisions had to be made; “A nice problem to have” as I too often hear.

As I perused the Concert Calendar, I found myself listening to the Quiet Hollers who will be headlining at the Radio Room Thursday night. “This is the show to feature,” I said to myself as I listened to everything from their 2015 hit “Mont Blanc” to their most recent release “Addicted” and everything I could find in between. The Louisville based Indie rock band is everything I love about modern rock as they evoke comparisons to Kurt Vile and Susto while completely owning a sound that is all their own.

Quiet Hollers is one of those bands that should be playing sold out rooms much larger than the Radio Room so having them visit Thursday evening is a music lover’s treat. Appearing with Atlanta’s The Head and Easley’s Revelator is going to make for a night of music that tempts me to sell my ticket to Andrew Bird in Asheville that same night until I realize that my wife would likely kill me. Feel free to go to this show and tell me later how much good music I missed out on.

Not to be outdone, Friday night sees Gottrocks welcome Aaron Kamm & The One Drops to the Upstate. When I saw the band’s bio advertising a blend of roots reggae and Mississippi River blues among other influences, I had to pause and ask “well, how the hell does that work?” Actually, quite well, as it turns out. The Saint Louis based band weaves between the two genres seamlessly while adding in big, soulful vocals and classic jam band instrumentation for a huge high energy sound that is sure to carry you well into the wee hours of Friday evening. Bring your dancing shoes and be ready to boogie, folks because your body is going to move whether you intend it to or not.

Things take a turn toward the world of jazz on Sunday afternoon at arguably one of the last places you would think of to catch a show – the Greenville County Museum of Art. There, the Greenville Jazz Collective’s Reedy River Jazz Band will be dropping by for a performance and presentation on early jazz and the Harlem Renaissance. Hear the stories and take in the sounds of 1920’s Harlem as the Reedy River Jazz Band performs the works of Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, and so many others that shaped jazz culture so many years ago. All of this is part of GCMA’s ongoing Sundays at 2 series where guests get a more interactive (and often hands on) perspective on the museum’s exhibits.

Lastly, the LOZ Band’s performance at Quest Brewing Company’s Thursday Night Concert Series has been updated to serve as a memorial to the band’s friend George Wright who passed recently. The show will go on as scheduled but will now be accompanied by a video tribute and shared memories of the band’s friend and biggest fan. To the LOZ Band and everyone else affected by George’s passing, I offer my condolences for the loss of your friend.

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