Birds Fly South Decorate the Silence Music Series Act Normal + Curly Blue

  • By cvbizz
  • November 14, 2019
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Birds Fly South Ale Project decorate the silence
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Head over to Birds Fly South this Friday for a *free* live show. They’ve got Act Normal + Curly Blue performing on the new Aviary stage. With tons of indoor space to stay warm, and plenty of great beers to help you relax, Birds Fly South looks like a great spot to hang out this Friday Night!

About Act Normal

Drummer/vocalist Zac Dehlbom, guitarist Skyler Cunningham, and bassist Rob MacPherson blend various flavors of rock music to produce a sound that is both precise and primal, sober and senseless, calculated and kaleidoscopic. Dance if you like. Mosh if you dare. Be yourself or act normal.

Preview Curly Blue

About Birds Fly South Ale Project

Progressively old school urban farmhouse brewing. Through a combination of time-tested brewing/blending methods and modern practices, we create beer that is complex, thought-provoking, and above all delicious. We focus on Saisons with a passion for unique sours, funky IPAs, barrel-aged brews, and a range of wild and traditional styles. We like to say “we don’t make beer, we wait for the beer to tell us what it wants to be”. Our beer is best experienced with other people. The space is designed to inspire conversation, exploration, and sharing. Located in Greenville’s Water Tower District we have two unique bars, a large lawn space, and Biergarten. Family and pup friendly.”

How To Get There

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