Bill Barr’s Shocking Atlantic Interview Reveals Incriminating Evidence of Trump’s Corrupt Intent

  • By cvbizz
  • June 27, 2021
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In a surprising turn of events, former Attorney General Bill Bar sits down for an interview with The Atlantic. Barr said Trump’s claims of election fraud are, in Barr’s words, “all bullish!t.” Barr also reveals that he told Trump in no uncertain terms that there was no election fraud, to which Trump responded, “you must hate Trump.” Given that Trump continues to lie about the election being “rigged” and the results being “fraudulent”, Barr’s first-hand account of his conversation with Trump may prove to be powerfully incriminating evidence of Trump’s corrupt intent/guilty knowledge/criminal mens rea as he continued to lie the the American people about election fraud.

In a stunning admission, Barr also relates how Mitch McConnell asked him to deal with the issue of Trump’s election lies, not to save the democracy or to give the American people confidence in the election results, but because McConnell needed Barr’s help to save his Republican majority in the Senate.

Bill Bar may have viewed this interview as a first step on his reputation rehabilitation tour. However, the interview is actually deeply damaging of Barr’s reputation, along with the reputations of Trump and McConnel.

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