Beer and Wine Delivery May Be Coming Soon to South Carolina

  • By cvbizz
  • May 5, 2021
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State lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow alcohol delivery across the state. The bill was proposed prior to the Covid-19 pandemic but has gained momentum since the pandemic hit. Similar bills have been passed in 40 other states and South Carolina may be next.

If the bill passes, people 21 and over could order beer and wine from a store and have it delivered to their houses. Stores could use a delivery service app or have their own delivery drivers.

Some State Representatives have expressed concerns that safeguards are not in place. Rep. John McCravy said: “We need to make sure that we don’t have minors getting a hold of alcohol and using it irresponsibly”

Bill supporters counter by saying that a buyers ID would have to be scanned prior to ordering and that all drivers would have to be over 21.

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