Artists Picking Artists: The Old Earthquake’s Steven Cathcart

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  • July 15, 2020
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old earthquake
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Brett Barest

When we started this series, I imagined that I would reach out to a few musicians I could call friends, get some picks that would give the local scene some love for a few weeks, and then go back to covering live shows in a few weeks when things went back to normal. Now, more than three months in, “back to normal” has changed to “there’s no end in sight” but thankfully, for this project at least, the Upstate’s talent pool is both deep and totally committed to supporting the local scene. Now, instead of reaching out to someone I know, I find myself reaching out to someone recommended by another artist or – even better – am contacted by someone eager to share a list of their own.

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This week, that someone is The Old Earthquake’s Steven Cathcart. The Old Earthquake has been on a few “Artists Picking Artists” lists, most recently just last week courtesy of Salti Ray. I was first introduced to The Old Earthquake when they performed at the Upstate Music Awards and have been happy to be reminded of them each time they appeared on somebody’s list. Still, I did not expect to wake up last Wednesday morning to a message from Steven volunteering a list of his own for an upcoming piece. Yes, please, and thank you, as I am glad to make the acquaintance and share a wonderful selection of local and regional talent courtesy of a fantastic local artist. Away we go…

Niel Brooks

Steven says: “I think I may be a Niel Brooks (Greenville) super fan. His Nine Black Paintings record is one of my favorites. We’ve become buddies over the last year and he has been so friendly and supportive to us, we’re honored to be pals with such a talent. He’s a brilliant player/writer.”

Say Brother (Columbia)

Steven says: “The All I Got Is Time record is on repeat at the house constantly. I absolutely love those songs. Tripp has his own thing going on that is hard to find anywhere else. Them boys wild!”

Haedes (Griffin/Atlanta)

Steven says: “From the moment I met these guys 12 years ago, they were writing music that was blowing me away, and they literally never stopped. Jordan and Rob are ahead of their time and wildly underrated. Their new record is unbelievable.”

FK MT (Columbia)

Steven says: “These are emotional times and with my moods I’ve been searching for a new musical match every day. Ryan of FK MT really puts it all out there in a familiar way that helps me center.

I love these guys, and they don’t get the credit. I’d be trying to join this band if they were in my town, ha.”

Bad Weather States (Greenwood)

Steven says: “They’ve got a new record coming out (that only I have, because I recorded it haha) and it’s a banger. Their new stuff is the best they’ve written, and they definitely have a massive sound! They released “Equity” as the single but I’m sure the rest will be out soon enough. Been trying to stay busy at the house during all this, so it’s easy to put them on for a spin.”

The Old Earthquake

That just leaves The Old Earthquake themselves to (once again) recommend for your listening pleasure. You might recall that Salti Ray’s Mary Norris called their most recent album They Knew, But Didn’t Tell Us and Sold Stock “one of the best projects to come out of the upstate this year” and I am here to agree 100%. It is one of those albums that requires more than a few listens to fully wrap your head around as it masterfully blends a vast array of styles to such a degree that a casual listen will have you checking to see if you are still on the same band’s record from track to track.  Intelligent songwriting and captivating harmonies between Steven and his wife Mary Lyle Cathcart are the stars of the show for a band that takes folk, rock, and Americana influences, puts them in a blender, and shakes out something totally unique and all their very own. I fully expect to see The Old Earthquake on more lists going forward and it will be well deserved each and every time.

The Old Earthquake: Untill Further Notice Streaming Series

Untill Further Notice Series:The Old Earthquake live from The Maker's Mound.Feel free to leave tips!Venmo- Stevenacathcart

Posted by The Old Earthquake on Monday, April 6, 2020

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