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  • June 3, 2020
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Brett Barest

My plan for this past Sunday was to sit in my backyard with a cold beverage and The LOZ Band’s LionzFest streaming on my phone or laptop. Before I could do that, however, Don at Quest Brewing called me up and said he was letting a few people in to see the show in person and, just like that, I saw my first live music in more than two months.

What a glorious day it was.

In addition to being reminded just how much I enjoy a live show, I was also reminded of just how much fun The LOZ Band is on stage, winding through their own original catalog and things like a 90’s mashup of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” interspersed with verses from Notorious B.I.G and other artists. It also made me realize that there were people in attendance that would be fun subjects for this piece so I reached out to The LOZ Band’s drummer, Dr. LuvBeatz.

I reached out to the good doctor on Monday afternoon and within a couple hours I had a nice list of local artists along with a specific song from each that LuvBeatz had on his mind. I love the fact that he was unafraid to include artists and songs that he has contributed to, which is something that could come off as boastful by some but, from LuvBeatz, exhibits nothing short of genuine love for the scene and his pride in being able to contribute to it.

Phat Lip – “Citizen Alone”

Dr. LuvBeatz says: “Phat Lip is one of my favorite bands and I love how original they are. This song not only has a great beat, groove, and guitar solo but also has a message – a message that is very much relevant for today.”

Local Green Family Band – “Follow These Dreams”

Dr. LuvBeatz says: “This is kind of self plug because I’m one of the co-writers on this song, along with others, including John Durham who co-wrote it, produced it, and played all the instruments on it. This song has been an Easter egg hidden in plain sight on the Local Green SoundCloud. The song features vocalist Kelly Jo (Phat Lip), April B. (April B. & the Cool), and Josh ‘Fozzy J’ Forbus (LOZ Band). If you like this song, be on the lookout for the 2020 remix!”

Rush Morgan – “How Do You Feel”

Dr. LuvBeatz says: “I’ve had the pleasure of playing drums for Rush Morgan for a number of shows and every time I tell him… ‘This sounds like a Foo Fighters!’ Like, Foo Fighters should play this song. If not the Foo, then at least get Taylor Hawkins to play drums on it, because I hear this killer drum fill toward the end that is in a few Foo songs. This is a great song that takes you on a musical journey.”

Matt Fassas – “Danny Long”

Dr. LuvBeatz says: “Ask Matt Fassas to explain the story of Danny Long and he can probably play you 10 messages within 10 days of people calling Matt looking for Danny. Credit card people, loan officers, and government officials are all looking for this Danny Long character who happens to keep giving out Matt Fassas’ number.

Also, this is another shameless plug because I did play drums on this song. This was a great recording experience in Athens with John Keane and the first time I recorded at a studio and saw a platinum album, so that was really cool. I’m grateful to Matt for letting me play on a couple songs for that album.”

Salti Ray – “N.C. Sunshine”

Dr. LuvBeatz says: “I heard this song on WNCW again today so I had to put it on here! I heard it awhile ago on WNCW, then heard it from the Upstate Music Award’s live version, then heard it on the Hoodoo Podcast and again on WNCW’s Local Color. Sounds like a great driving song and it’s fun to listen too.”

As things continue to (hopefully) open up a bit, make sure you look for Dr. LuvBeatz manning the drums for The LOZ Band, Local Green Family Band shows around town and, most recently, his new band Nitegazer. Catch up with the LOZ catalog here, keep up with the ever rotating lineup of Local Green shows when they return to the scene, and be on the lookout for streaming Nitegazer performances and new music coming this summer. In the meantime, let’s get to work on Dr. LuvBeatz’ recommendations and enjoy fresh, local music in the week ahead.  

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