Artists Picking Artists: Jon Rasmussen

  • By cvbizz
  • May 6, 2020
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Brett Barest

When this series started six weeks ago I knew I wanted to make sure each week’s featured artist would bring a completely different perspective to the table. For the most part, I feel like we have done just that with Americana, indie rock, metal, hip-hop, and whatever you might call John Durham’s uber eclectic list from last week each having a turn in the series. So, I had to ask, with all the talented and diverse artists on the local music scene, where do we go next?

Enter Revelator’s lead singer Jon Rasmussen.

I had spoken to Jon a couple times about contributing to this series but honestly had no idea what direction he was going to take. I was thrilled to get his list when I found that he assembled an amazing list of bands that represent the “DIY house show crowd”. This is the raw, underbelly of the local music scene that deserves way more recognition than they currently get and I am glad Jon chose to shine the spotlight on them for this week’s list of “Artists Picking Artists”. Away we go…


Jon says: “I’ll start with a band we were lined up to play a house show with on May 9th before everything got shut down. SESH bring a modern approach to a ’70s rock sound and the results are pretty great.”

Listen to SESH on Spotify

Horrible Girl and the Hot Mess

Jon says: “The first show we ever played featured these punk OGs on the bill. They mix punk with an array of influences like folk, pop, and ska to create a catchy, aggressive sound that draws the listener in to the message they’re conveying.” Learn more at

Listen to Horrible Girl & the Hot Mess on Spotify

Hugger Mugger

Jon says: “We played with this alt-rock powerhouse at the Pablo House out in Clemson. Their energy at live shows is infectious.”
Learn more at

Listen to Hugger Mugger on Spotify

Apricot Blush

Jon says: “The Pablo House became a melting pot of artists, not only for live shows, but also music creation. Apricot Blush is one of the bands that came out of this environment. Featuring lush instrumentation, including a haunting musical saw, what really makes them shine is the emotional delivery and lyrics of vocalist and guitarist Jackson. I have seen them in various configurations, from just guitar and vocals to a lavish nine piece ensemble, and the sound scales beautifully, creating a different experience for every viewing.”

Listen to Apricot Blush on Spotify

Paper Daisies

“While we’re talking about Pablo acts, Paper Daisies has recently released a very bare bones album, relying on minimal instrumentation to push their beautifully executed debut.”

Listen to Paper Daisies on Spotify

The Parlor Pinks

Jon says: “The Parlor Pinks have been instrumental in getting some of the more underground bands exposure in breweries and other venues that we might not be able to get into otherwise. They’ve made some substantial changes to the scene.”

Listen to The Parlor Pinks on Spotify

And one that’s not a band but that is just fine by me…

The Hoodoo Music Podcast

Jon says: “I would also like to throw a little love over to The Hoodoo Music Podcast, which is a great way to get into our local scene. Mark is doing live streams with local music every Friday throughout the pandemic.”

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Allow me to add…


I have to add Jon’s own band, Revelator, to this list because they are so damn good. The term “alternative rock” has been so overused and watered down over the years that I generally prefer any other classification when trying to describe a band. For Revelator, however, I am ready to call it alternative rock with pride as it takes me back to a time when that actually meant something. It is unapologetically rock & roll with that edgy, indie, stripped down vibe that I fell in love with years ago and made alternative rock special in the first place. Good on Jon and his band mates for bringing this to the local scene and, also, giving us a fine list of bands to listen to in the week ahead.

Listen to Revelator on Spotify

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