A Tribute to Donna Fowler Harrison

  • By cvbizz
  • December 4, 2020
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In radio, tone is everything. The way we sound invites people to listen. It allows our audience to relate to us, to engage with us in a unique way. You might think that the tone of our station is set by the on-air talent, but it goes deeper than that. Our conversations, our transitions, our commercials, our promotions—all of these things establish our tone on a daily basis. Someone has to make sure that those elements work together to make us sound as good as we can sound. At The Roar, Donna Fowler Harrison did that for us. She was our tone-setter. Eight years ago, Donna joined our family with one all-encompassing goal in mind. She came to make us better, and she did, in more ways than you can imagine. Her decades of expertise in the radio industry gave her a keen ear for quality sound. Quite a few of our commercials featured Donna’s voice. She handled many of the behind-the-scenes tasks that no one outside of the four walls of our studio would ever think of, like setting our commercial schedules or producing our show opens or being a liaison of sorts between the sales staff and the on-air folks. She was great at her job. Truly great. But she wasn’t just the tone-setter for our product. Day after day, she set the

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