8 Animals Found In The Weirdest Places

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  • November 3, 2020
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From a sea lion that found its way inside of a high school to castles that are guarded by bears, here are eight animals found in weird places.

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8. Kangaroo fight
A recent video captured two kangaroos duking it out animal-to-animal in the middle of an Australian suburb! We all know that Australia has some of the most outrageous wildlife in the world, and kangaroos are up there for the most iconic Australian animal. But you’d never expect to go outside of your front door and catch a literal boxing match between two of them!

7. Ōkunoshima (bunny island)
On the tiny Japanese island of Ōkunoshima, there are a ton of feral bunnies that have long since taken over! While this is certainly adorable, the island itself has a history fraught with gloom. In 1925, a bunch of countries including Japan signed the Geneva Protocol; one aspect of this protocol banned using chemical weapons in war, even though countries could still make it.

6. Cape Town baboons
In Cape Town, South Africa, it could be argued that the baboons have started to take over. That’s right; due to Cape Town’s expansion into the baboon’s former territory, these animals have decided that they’d just move right into the city as it takes over their space. That means that there’s a solid population of around 500 baboons inside of Cape Town that can cause a lot of trouble for the city’s residents.

5. Český Krumlov Castle
Deep inside of the Czech Republic, there is a castle with a very unconventional security service. In the moat around the large structure, a group of brown bears hang out and make their home! The castle is called the Český Krumlov Castle, and it’s one of the oldest and biggest castles in the whole country.

4. Koalas on deck
We all know that koalas can’t fly… unless we give them a helping hand. When Singapore was celebrating its 50th anniversary of being an independent state, Australia decided to present them with a gift – four koalas, who went to live in the Singapore Zoo. They flew with the Qantas airline, which opted to give them a truly first-class treatment for a moment, giving them luxurious hot towels, as well as a hearty helping of eucalyptus.

3. Coyote on a rooftop bar
A few years ago, a few folks spotted what appeared to be a coyote on top of a New York City rooftop bar! People weren’t sure what to do. At first they thought it was a dog, but a veterinarian ascended to the rooftop to sneak a peek, and left just as quickly… and if you look at the pictures, it looks more like a coyote than a dog.

2. Pig beach
We’ve all dreamt about swimming with dolphins, but have you ever considered that it might be more fun to swim with pigs? It might sound ridiculous, but on the small island of Big Major Cay in the Bahamas, you can make this dream a reality. If you ever visit Big Major Cay, you’ll find that this island belongs to a group of feral pigs. Though some folks claim to have seen a couple of cats and goats on the island, other than the pigs, it’s basically uninhabited by anything or anyone else.

1. Sea Lion in high school
In April 2015, onlookers outside of an Imperial Beach, San Diego high school must have been stunned to see a sea lion pup being taken away in a police car! It’s fun to imagine what the sea lion must have done to end up in this situation. Did he want to go back to school? Was he trying to locate an old friend?

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