15 Cute Animals That Can Be Deadly

  • By cvbizz
  • November 20, 2020
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Sometimes there is just nothing better than looking at pictures of adorable animals, and nowadays they seem to be all over the internet. Hey, I’m not complaining, but what you might not realize is that some of the internet’s cutest animals are also potentially deadly, today we are looking at 15 cute animals that can be deadly.


The giant panda, panda bear, or simply panda, are among the internet’s most well-known cuties. Regardless how tumbly and adorable they look, these fuzzy faced critters are still a real bear, and when fully grown weigh just shy of 300 lbs. their typically slow and lumbering movements have earned them a reputation for indifference, but in reality panda’s have attacked humans and are prone to attack when irritated, or during mating season when pandas are likely to also be fighting each other over potential mates! Another consideration is that once upon a time the giant panda had been omnivorous, then some 2 million years or so ago they became die-hard herbivores – hopefully, they weren’t as preachy as new vegetarians, sorry vegetarians.

Despite forsaking meat, the giant panda still has teeth and stomach enzymes more than capable of processing meat meaning that a hungry panda would still have the option of ingesting meat. So realistically, with all that cute sliding and tumbling, has a panda ever ACTUALLY posed a risk to a human? the answer is actually yes, pandas are endangered and have a pretty small range meaning that interactions between humans and pandas are rare and most occur in zoos, in fact between September 2006 and June 2009 3 people were attacked by pandas at the Beijing Zoo alone. Each of these cases took place in front of other people and the victim was rescued however all three attacks had one thing in common, the victim’s legs were severely injured by the attack meaning that all three victims would’ve been incapable of escaping and likely in for a very long and painful mauling. Despite being adorable it is pretty evident that if they wanted to, these adorable bears who look like rejected members of KISS could end you without a second thought.


Ahhh swans, a long time symbol of love and peace, they mate for life and are hardly ever away from their partners. However, the idea that this makes swans naturally demure and loving might be a little bit of a misconception, in fact, swans can be highly aggressive. With a wingspan of 10 feet and weights up to 33 pounds they are the world’s largest flying bird, they are also among the few birds to have teeth, they typically use these teeth when hunting fish, however, swans won’t hesitate to take on anything threatening to infringe upon their territory or harm their young. All that said how likely is a 33-pound blob to actually pose a risk to humans, well you might be surprised.

Anthony Hensley of Des Plaines, Illinois saw a potential use for the swan’s size and aggression to keep geese away from certain properties, his business was a relative success and to keep up with demand he would breed swans at his personal residential complex. One day, unaware that one of his swans had set up a perimeter for mating season, he made his way onto the private lake in a kayak, a short while later he was spotted by the swan who charged AND capsized his boat. Not being the strongest swimmer Anthony tried desperately to make his way to shore, but as onlookers watched in horror the swan actively blocked his path, never allowing him to reach the shore, gradually his clothes wet clothing and shoes became too heavy and eventually he succumbed, never able to get past the highly persistent and aggressive swan.

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