10 Fast Food Hamburgers Ranked From WORST to BEST

  • By cvbizz
  • November 19, 2020
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List of the top 10 fast food hamburgers ranked from worst to best in the USA. A definitive list of America fast food burgers ranked from worst to best. America’s fast food burgers are delicious.
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With so many fast food burger options to choose from, we’ve create a list to help you choose between all the great fast food hamburger choices. These are the top 10 fast food burgers ranked worst to best.

Did you ever wondered which fast food burger takes the crown as the best burger in America? The humble hamburger remains the cornerstone of the American fast food experience. The hamburger is one of the USA’s most recognizable food icons in restaurants today. If you enjoyed this video list of the top 10 fast food hamburgers ranked from worst to best in the United States of America. Comment: #hamburgers #burgers #fastfood

0:00 Fast Food Hamburgers Ranked From Worst To Best
0:20 McDonald’s – Big Mac
1:42 Burger King – Whopper
3:06 White Castle – Slider
4:26 Jack in the Box – Ultimate Burger
5:36 Sonic Drive-In – Jr. Burger
6:44 Wendy’s – Dave’s Single
8:09 Shake Shack – Shack Burger
9:19 Carl’s Jr – Original Six Dollar Thickburger
10:36 In-N-Out – Double-Double
11:57 Five Guys – Hamburger

– The Big Mac, comes with twin patties, but they are so thin, 2 patties still seems lacking.
– The Whopper includes all the toppings that make for a good burger.
– The cost of the slider is cheaper than your typical burger, as they are meant to be purchased in pairs.
– Jack in the Box’s Ultimate Cheeseburger is great when you want a simple, plain cheeseburger, but not much more than that.
– Their simple classic Jr. Burger, one of their best sellers, is nothing to write home about.
– The best bet and closest thing to a classic burger is Dave’s Single.
– If you want to add even more flavor to your Shack Burger, Shake Shack does offer a “Double Toppings” option.
– The Carl’s Jr. Original Six Dollar Thickburger meets all the criteria for a delicious burger.
– The crown jewel at In-N-Out is their Double Double burger, and fast food hamburgers just don’t get much better than this.
– Five Guys hamburgers are deliciously good and a lot of people seem to agree.

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