10 Creepiest Fish Ever Caught By People

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  • November 6, 2020
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Fish with human lips, fish with two mouths, and even a fish with a human face – here are the 10 creepiest fish ever caught!

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10: Goonch Catfish
There are a lot of pretty creepy fish crawling around in the lakes, rivers, and oceans of our world. And one notoriously creepy fish is the Goonch catfish. This thing is an ugly monster that can get up to 6.6 feet long and weigh up to 400 pounds. And an enormous one was recently caught in the Ramganga River, in northern India.

9: Siamese Carp
A British man in Thailand recently caught the world’s biggest and creepiest carp after an incredible 80-minute battle to get the fish from the water and into his arms. Just imagine wrestling with a fishing line for a full 80 minutes – it’s one intense workout! Especially dealing with Siamese carp, which are absolutely huge. Not to mention, they are super creepy with their weird scales, stubby fins, and bug eyes.

8: Two-Mouth Trout
Of course, everyone wants to see the most bizarre mutant fish. The fish we’re talking about now is a two-mouthed trout caught in New York. But it’s not the only one of its kind. There have been several reports in recent years of mutant trout being caught with two jaws instead of one. This newest incident, as reported by the Independent, was as recent as 2019.

7: Fish with Lips
If you’ve ever been interested in kissing a fish on a dare, this is going to be some good news for you. A recent catch out of Malaysia shows a bizarre fish with lips that are weirdly human. And yes, it even has teeth that look extremely human. In fact, everything about the mouth of this fish is human. It could kiss you and bite you at the same time.

6: Human Face Fish
Another very human-like fish was caught creeping out tourists in a Chinese lake last year. The video of the human-faced fish made it online in 2019, and was apparently taken by a visitor outside the city of Kunming in southern China. The video very clearly shows a creature with a fish’s body and the face of a person!

5: Creepy Octopus Thing
A creepy octopus fish thing has been reeled in near Coney Island, New York. This is a classic example of a mysterious deep-sea fish being unexpectedly caught by a fisherman. Many people have pulled out bizarre things over the years, but this one is really strange. It looks like a monster from an alien movie, or like a baby kraken that somehow got too close to the surface.

4: Bearded Fireworm
A fisherman in Texas has caught one of the strangest worms that you will ever see in your life. It’s known as a bearded fireworm, and it’s not only creepy, it is super poisonous. As the story goes, the woman was at the pier in Port Isabel when she reeled in her line. At first, she thought she had gotten seaweed tangled on her hook.

3: Alien Fish
It’s not a typo, a fish that looks just like an alien has been caught in Norway. While some people are saying this fish resembles a creepy prehistoric sea monster, others think it looks like a weird alien fish. It was caught by a young Norwegian fisherman back in 2019 off the island of Andoya in Norway.

2: Mississippi’s Fishzilla
There is an invasive and super creepy fish plaguing the waterways of Mississippi, and it’s being called the “fishzilla.” Recent catches of the so-called “fishzilla,” also known as the northern snakehead fish, are beginning to freak out fishermen in the area along the Mississippi.

1: Toothy Fish
This number one candidate for the creepiest fish looks like an American relative of the famous piranha. It was caught in Oklahoma waters by an 11-year-old girl. Just like with the northern snakehead, this is an invasive species that has no business being anywhere near Oklahoma. The fish is a pacu, and they typically belong in South America. However, people illegally dump them into the lakes and they slowly begin to thrive as apex predators.

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