Women’s March Anniversary 2018 – Greenville, SC Rally


January 20


12:00 pm - 02:00 pm

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Upstate Coalition For Equality

Website: Organizer's Website

Falls Park on the Reedy River

601 S Main St

Greenville, SC, United States, 29601

Join the Upstate Coalition for Equality and other organizations for the one-year anniversary of the Women’s March. This peaceful rally in Greenville, SC will coincide with and be in support of the national event where thousands of women, femmes, and allies will come together again to celebrate one year of resistance and to launch our collective 2018 Women’s March agenda: Power to the Polls.

Throughout this past year we’ve seen how powerful we are when we gather together, share space and lift each other up. Join us in Falls Park as we prepare to take that power to the polls in 2018. This anniversary event will kickoff a voter registration campaign, and will harness our collective energy to advocate for policies and candidates that reflect our values and to collaborate with our partners to elect more women and progressive candidates to office.

All are welcome. We want to bring together all of our great community and show our strength together!

We are excited to be collecting donations for The Homeless Period Project! The products most needed are individually wrapped maxi pads and liners. Collection receptacles will be located at the park entrances.
Thanks to your generous support and donations, we are excited to announce that the Greenville Womens’ Rally will take place in Falls Park this Saturday. We are still accepting donations to cover other ancillary expenses for the event, and any additional funds received will be used to further the cause of the Upstate Coalition for Equality. We look forward to seeing everyone! #womensmarchGVL2018 #ItsON

Donate at http://www.gspequality.org/index.php/events/donations-womens-march-2018-rally/

We look forward to provide a space for women to make their voices heard.

Safety is of utmost importance on Saturday. The Rally will abide by the City of Greenville’s Picketing Ordinance. Please note these signage & demonstration limitations, and keep in mind that they exist to keep us all safe! Thank you in advance for abiding by these guidelines, thank you to the city and police for working with us to make sure everyone is safe!

Captain Wilkes, Greenville Police Department, has clarified that the following will be allowed:
Strollers and diaper bags
Folding chairs
Muslim women with partially covered faces

Prohibited Items:
– Sticks, poles, rods or other hard objects to support signs (excluding commercially available corrugated cardboard tubing)
Sign Composition:
– Paper, cardboard, poster board, cloth, vinyl, or other non-rigid material is allowed – Sign material should not exceed 1/32” thickness
– Signs composed of paper, cardboard, poster board, or similar material may not exceed 20” x 30” (600 sq. in)
– Signs composed of cloth, vinyl, or similar material may not exceed 4’ x 6’ Signs cannot block/inhibit the flow of traffic in a roadway or on pedestrian walkways. City of Greenville
Demonstration prohibitions:
For public safety reasons, the following are prohibited in the immediate proximity of event:
– Open flames and combustible solids
– Sticks, poles, selfie sticks, or other similar elongated solid objects capable of inflicting bodily harm as a striking or stabbing object, excluding commercially available corrugated cardboard tubing as the supporting article for signs, flags, and the like
– Backpacks, satchels, bags, coolers, or similar personally carried containers exceeding 6 inches by 8 inches by 3 inches, except when said container is completely clear and see through
– Any firearm or ammunition except as permitted by the South Carolina Code of Laws
– Any mechanical or handmade contrivance that launches any projectile of solid, liquid, or gaseous composition, including aerosols/pressurized canisters
– Any stabbing, cutting, slicing, or striking blade, whether metal or other solid composition
– Any striking object, such as a bat, stick, brass knuckles, martial arts weapons, implement handles, and the like, which would inflict bodily injury
– Any facial mask, headgear, or cloth worn over any portion of the face, which prevents facial identification of a person 14 years of age or older
– Any carried object that resembles or serves the purpose of a shield
– Any armor or defensive covering that resembles or serves the purpose of defensive body armor
– Carried signage exceeding the size restrictions set forth in section above
– Bicycles, automobiles, and mopeds


We’re excited to announce our speaker and entertainers for Saturday:
JoAnne Mitchell, Upstate Coalition for Equality
Courtney Thomas, Black Lives Matter
Lawson Wetli, League of Women Voters
Sharron Phillips, Homeless Period Project
Lucia Messina, Community Activist
Isabel Gray, Environmentalist
Dr. Nick Radel, Professor at Furman University
Sarai Bautista, Upstate Dreamers – DACA
Laila Jaber, Greenvillian and Muslim American
David Taylor, Assistant Research Professor at Clemson University and Presbyterian pastor
Charlotte Capers Snoad, EmpowHer
Dr. Candace Brewer, SC Stolen Lives Project
Jamie Erin Fivecoat, Upstate Pride SC – Unity and Privilege
Evvie Harmon, March on
Lillian Brock Flemming, Greenville City Council, District 2
Regina Waldrep, From the Ground Up
Chandra Dillard, SC House of Representative, District 23

and music by Jeff Holland, Matt Purinton, Kelly Jo, Darby Wilcox


The Upstate Coalition for Equality is an all volunteer 501(c)(4) non-profit organization with no paid positions. 100% of every donation will further our cause in the Upstate and beyond.

Upstate Coalition for Equality

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